Mission Statement

To provide a quality and accessible mental health service to individuals and families in the Dublin 15 areas. This will be achieved through the provision of therapy and support services as well as education and advocacy, irrespective of economic and social circumstances. Genesis will endeavour to actively integrate our services into the local community. We will strive to ensure the highest level of Clinical and Corporate Governance in accordance with the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector in Ireland.


Equality and Accessibility

Genesis recognises the richness and diversity of our local community. We appreciate the differences that exist within our community in relation to ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, sexuality and social and economic circumstances. We value and welcome diversity and strive at all times to provide a service which is accessible for all in an effort to eliminate inequality.

Community-Focused and Client-Led

Genesis was borne out of a local initiative, driven by community members to serve the specific needs of the Dublin 15 area. Genesis strives to ensure continued partnerships within our community. We endeavour to include our clients and our community in ongoing development. We aim to continually listen to the needs of our clients, work alongside our community members and add value at all times. Our diverse therapeutic approach aims to meet the varying needs of our community.

Dignity and Respect

Genesis believes in the right for all people to be treated with dignity, respect and tolerance. We aim to deliver a service that demonstrates this approach and will endeavour to empower our clients to believe in themselves, fulfil their potential and live full and meaningful lives.


Genesis’ mission is to provide the Dublin 15 community with a quality and valuable mental health service. Genesis strives to ensure the highest level of Corporate and Clinical Governance in our aim to provide a high quality, reliable and safe service to our community.